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When this site was new, the year was 2001. There were no blogs. There was no youtube. Generally speaking, there was very little of what we now call "social media", (or in some cases, "Web 2.0"). NiceGuy's site was very blog-like before most people had heard of such a thing as a Weblog, but since very few websites had comment functionality, the only way to get comments on your site was to solicit reader feedback via email. So that's what NiceGuy did. He posted a large number of responses to his articles, and his counter-points in Reader Feedback articles, and here they are, preserved for your perusal.

Of course, eventually the Mancoat Forum was added to the site, and NiceGuy finally had a way of interacting with his readers. As of 2009 however, the feedback section has been re-started as a way to encourage people to write in if they don't feel like joining the forum. I do my best to respond to emails, so please keep sending them!

- 9 September 2010

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