Articles From 2009

With NiceGuy gone from the site, it was clear that things had started to fall into disrepair. Parts of the database no longer worked, the site was lacking updates, and people didn't have much reason to keep coming back since there was no new content. The forum continued to be a centre of activity for the site, but it looked like NiceGuy's original website might simply become little more than a disused collection of writing. The decision was made by a few senior forum members to revamp the site, and start updating again with new writers to start bringing new readers in again, and maybe encourage back a few old ones.

My Fourth Grade Teacher - 1 March, 2009
The Bitches At My Highschool - 25 April, 2009
Fuck Mrs. Doubtfire - 27 June, 2009
Another Nutball - 1 August, 2009
Why Do Asian Women Like Me? - 7 September, 2009
No, I Will Not Molest Your Kids - 30 September, 2009

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