Why Do Asian Women Like Me?

A lot of guys have trouble meeting girls. It's true. There are whole communties on the Web devoted to the art of "picking up". Self-proclaimed masters of meeting (and having sex with) girls instruct eager students on how to make yourself attractive to creatures whose whims change from minute to minute. There's a real market for a sure-fire way to get the girl of your dreams.

I was one of those guys for a while. I had about as much luck meeting girls as a dead gecko. Pick-up artists call this guy the "Average Frustrated Chump". Boy was I frustrated! There was no way in hell I could ever interest a girl in being anything more than "just friends". My life sounded like a broken record for a while. It was always the same. I'd chat to a girl, the conversation would seem to go well, and then when I'd ask for her phone number, email address or to catch up again some time, I'd be told it was fine, as long as it was clear there was no romantic potential in said contact. Ugh.

There was one curious exception to this. Asian girls liked me. They still like me, in fact. And the local girls hated it.

I've travelled a fair bit over the years. I've been to Canada, England, Scotland, China, and a host of others, but one of my favourite places in the world is South-East Asia. I've visited countries in that area more times than I can think of off-hand. Something that always struck me was how different the girls there were to the ones back home. They seemed to have a quiet decorum that the girls I was used to lacked, and I'll freely admit I found that appealing.

Incidentally, before anyone accuses me of having yellow fever (a frankly disgusting term for white men who find asian women attractive), let me make clear that I have dated girls of many nationalities. British, Australian, Chinese and Polish, just to mention a few. My point is, I have no particular fetish for asian women, but like I said, there are certain things I find appealing about them. That's fair isn't it? Now, on with the show...

On several of my trips to South-East Asia, I met lovely girls who clearly wanted to see me again at the first opportunity. I recall one particularly adorable girl who was perhaps 5'2" and kept finding opportunities to come and talk to me away from the rest of the hotel staff (she was working at the hotel I was staying in). Sadly, I had to leave after a week and couldn't take her with me. When I was over there. I never had a shortage of girls wanting to talk to me or spend time with me whenever I was over there. It really made me curious. Why do asian women like me?

For those of you who have never been to South-East Asia and are carrying around certain ridiculous stereotypes, let me disabuse you of them now. The vast majority of asian women are not looking for a ticket to your country. They are not glorified prostitutes who want a rich western man to buy them things that they can't afford. Asian women are not sex-kittens who want to jump into bed with every hairy, manly western man they see because their men have small penises. Generally speaking, South-East Asia ranks around the middle in terms of its citizens' personal income. Most places there are not particularly wealthy, but they aren't dirt-poor either.

Any time I ever mentioned enjoying the attention of the girls on my most recent trip overseas in mixed company, someone's girlfriend would always feel the need to pipe up and inform me of how disgusting I was. Couldn't I handle a real woman instead of a doormat, seemed to be the gist of their objections. In fact, when I eventually did get a serious asian girlfriend (we visited back and forth for quite some time), I was informed by one girl that "she's only going out with you because she doesn't know any better".

There was no denying it. Mentioning asian women was a serious social faux-pas as far as the white women in my circle of friends were concerned. Worse, these were hardly some group of redneck girls with an aversion to slanty- eyed people. Many of them attended one of the top national universities! This behaviour confused the hell out of me for quite some time, until I stumbled on a possible explanation.

I've come to the conclusion that the whole reason the pick-up artist community exists in the first place is because of the ridiculous level of crap that western women have learned they can put a guy through just in order to get a date, but if there's one thing men are good at, it's making an art, a sport or a science of something. Meeting a woman in the western world these days practically requires all three. If however, it were to become generally known among the male population that you could meet a woman without all that posturing and maneuvering , do you think any of them would be interested in putting in that kind of effort? HELL NO! I'm pretty sure the last thing the girls over here want is for men to get the idea that they don't have to jump through the hoops they wave in front of them, so they mercilessly attack any man suggesting it really is that easy to meet a woman whose company they enjoy.

To paraphrase this site's founder, I'm not trying to start a "Come To Asia, Get Laid" campaign. If you're just after sex, you're peeing on the wrong bush. If, however, you're a clean-cut kind of guy who was raised in a house where manners were valued and praised, you could do worse than to start looking abroad for your next romantic interest. Asian cultures have a strong theme of "respect" running through them. Respect for other people, respect for your parents, respect for official titles and the people that hold them, and even respect for objects of particular significance. The depth of this respect is (I suspect) alien to most westerners; to most it would border on the bizarre. By being polite and (gasp!) respectful to the women I met over there, I was instantly so much more appealing than the stereotypical loud and uncouth western man that most asians envision (sadly, this is a view of westerners that many asian people seem to hold - I guess we collectively haven't exactly been on our best behaviour over there). Add to that a touch of "exotic foreigner", and it's fair to say that your chances of meeting a girl worth your time over there are much better than they might be back home.


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