The American Wife

Written By Migu

Have you always wanted a strong, empowered, multifaceted, sultry sex goddess of your very own? Have you been searching for the companion of a lifetime? Are you looking for danger, risk, and excitement? Do you want to ride life on the edge, but just can’t seem to muster the courage to do it? Look no further young man. Today I am going to show you how to have all of that and more.

The secret to an exciting unpredictable life is at the tip of your fingers. Keep reading and find out the one secret that will guarantee a life found only in storybooks. Do you want a life that will keep you alert, alive, and always wanting more? A life without parallel? A life teeming with drama, excitement, death defying escapes and venerated heroes? If you just do one simple thing all of this and more can be yours.

What is the secret to an adventure filled lifetime? Well, for today and today only I am going to give the secret away for FREE! Yes, Free. You have only to pose one question to one person and all of this and more can be yours. You can live the life like the Knights of the Round Table. You can be Sir Galahad. You can be King Arthur. You can be Lancelot. You can live a life more titillating than that of Richard the Crusader. You can have it today, and I am going to tell you how.

The secret is to get down on one knee and ask an American Woman to become an American Wife. All you have to do is say four words and your life will be changed forever. Those words are, " Will you marry me?" Don’t believe me? I expected as much, so below are a few testimonials to the amazing power of this life-altering secret.

First, here's one from

I found out one year ago that my wife cheated on me with her ex for the first 6 months of our marriage in 2003. We have been to counseling but I continue to obsess over the affair and the limited knowledge that she has provided me. I am taking two different antidepressants and several other medicines for different medical problems, all that have appeared in the past two years (I am 47). I cannot achieve an erection anymore, even with Viagra and Cialis. Knowing that her ex was well-endowed has caused me to feel very inferior and inadequate sexually.

We get along quite well these days and she really does treat me well now, but I cannot stop obsessing about the affair and all the lies and the sexual aspect of it. I have basically quit living and am just waiting to die. I think my only hope is to divorce her and find somebody that I can trust. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Does that sound boring? No siree!

Here's another bang-up testimonial from the Large Penis Support Group (I seriously didn't make that up...)

I need help! I've always thought that my husband was kind of on the small side... we've recently had some swinging experiences and now I know he's tiny. I love him very much, but now that I've had a big cock again (my ex boyfriend well endowed) I can't stop craving to have one again.

I didn't even realize how small my husband was until I felt somebody with so much more girth and length. I have great pictures of these latest experiences, but instead of turning me on like I thought they would, they only make me sad to see what I have to live with, and what I'm missing out on. Please help a girl!

She could be your wife! What a lucky guy you'd be!

Lastly, here is the story of a man you should all take note of, brought to you by Ask Me Help Desk's marriage section.

I have been married 7 yrs. My wife and I are late 30's. I thought things were good in the relationship with my wife. My wife had enough of my controlling and "take over" way that I handled the relationship. So, she started going out with some single friends in Feb 2007. First weeknights... then Friday or Saturday nights. We were still having sex... and overall things were "good" (I thought).

March 24 she meets "hunk" in singles bar. He literally asks if he can have sex with her (after knowing her 1 hour). She says yes. She leaves later with him and then has sex (I am on a camping trip with our 5 year old adopted son at the time). She thinks that is the end and feels bad (she later tells me). Next wekend though, she and friends go to same bar and he is there. She does not want to talk to him... but does. And... guess what... sex again at his place. She even comes home to me at 2am (we then we even have sex!!!).

2 weeks later, I find text message with her trying to now initialte a meeting. The truth is now out. I "felt" something wrong so I snooped.

After lots of talking, tears, therapy, we are on the right road. BUT - I cannot forget and cannot seem to get over the trust issue. She HAS been TRUTHFUL and she LOVES ME. This is the only time she has done this. I don't think she will do it again. She admits the mistake and is remorseful.

So... when will I get over this? Can I? Should I? Is it really possible to build a better relationship? I DO feel we have a better communication platform now and a more "equal" relationship (in most ways), but the betrayal eats away at me. Many people say that time will heal... but HOW? I want her to feel the pain I do, but how can I let it all go and focus on our relationship? Should I?

How do I stay committed to this person for the rest of my life feeling the way I do and knowing what she "did to me"?

Have you figured out the secret? Do you know how to have the life of the Hollywood star? I’ll tell you one last time.

Find yourself an American Wife.


"A man in love is incomplete until he has married. Then he is finished." -- Zsa Zsa Gabor.

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