Women Demand The Right To Rape, Pillage and Destroy

Written by Nightstorm

When you talk with other men about your relationship problems concerning women, do you ever notice how easy it is? The guys seem to get it right away, without explanation. You can talk about the law and how men get finacially raped in an unjust court system, how the "family court" legally takes their children away and puts them through hell just to get a single visit, and how sometimes men get no access at all. The men you are talking to will nod sagely and breathe deeply as if to steady themselves against the possibility of the same happening to them.

Women on the other hand? Not a chance. They'll sit there wailing the refrain "where have all the good men gone?!" You think to yourself, "I will explain the situation to women and that will help them understand where their 'good men' have gone", but soon find out how it falls on deaf ears.

As a man, you deal with facts and also draw on your own personal experiences with women. You explain to the "ladies" that what many men have experienced is neither fair nor just. You explain that men should have every right to see their own children. You explain to her that since women are now claiming equality and independence from men they should pay her own way. You demonstrate how men are being finacially destroyed through alimony and child support and that that some can barely afford to live. You caution her that some men have even ended up homeless or in jail due to a corrupt system made to extract wealth from them at any cost. No matter how you explain though, it all falls on deaf ears. You have made your point. You have spoken clearly and precisely. You have used facts, numbers, and stastics, but the response is always the same:

"Not all women are like that!"

What?! What kind of answer is that?! Did you not hear me?! I said men are being DESTROYED. This is why I'm avoiding marriage. This is why I'm avoiding having children. This is why i'm avoiding YOU! What do you mean "not all women are like that"?! You glance her way and she is focussing on her fingernails, wondering if they are too long. Has she even been paying attention? You leave the conversation frustrated and unheard.

A quick search of the Internet will turn of thousands of forums were women are complaining about men. Their complaints are usually that men don't want to pay for dates, they aren't very chilvarious, and they are really jerks and losers who can't get laid for the life of them. The men simply aren't living up to these women's expectations! Once they are done complaining about what they are not receiving from men, many discuss what they believe are the root cause for men avoiding them in increasing numbers.They don't speak of feminism and its attack on the family. They don't speak of fathers getting the boot from their homes or restraining orders taken out against them, their houses taken from them or false sexual abuse and domestic violence claims. They don't mention the fact that women can point her finger at a man and strip him of his wealth, his kids, and his freedom. No. Instead you'll hear about how schools aren't teaching boys to be men or some other silly pabulum.

These women can see the gravy train coming to an end, but will never address the root cause: feminism and a corrupt legal system that targets men. They are only concerned with a lack of "real men" simply because without them there will be no more free ride through life. Yet, no matter how many times you explain to them that feminism is incompatible with their desire for a "real man" they will pretend your words do not exist. The reason? Women want the right to rape, pillage, and destroy.

Women are very self-centered creatures by nature and above all else, seek security. Men are made to face the elements and have done so for tens of thousands of years. Men value freedom. Women on the other hand, have been coddled and sheltered, and as a result become utterly selfish. This trait is a useful way to protect their offspring - crucial when the world was primitive and brutal. It has the potential to be detrimental to civilization however, and once you add in a princess entitlement complex with narcissistic personality disorder, you have a silent killer on your hands - something capable of sending a society back to the stone age if left unchecked.

Modern woman will therefore happily use the tyranny of government and the law to freely rape, pillage, and destroy any man of her choosing. You will hear almost no voice coming from women to repeal such laws whilst they continue to benefit them. It is through these means that men are not hurt (and listen to me closely when I say this), but DESTROYED. Some get out alive, others opt out by way of a bullet to the head...

For this very reason, men - out of necessity and for their own protection - are now avoiding women like a bad habit. When a man puts himself in a position of vulnerability - that is, some form of relationship with a woman - unlike her, he must always be ready to dodge the invisible sword hanging above his head. The only way he can stop it from falling is by somehow convincng her not to pull the trigger because he's worth more to her alive. That's a pessimistic view of relationships, but if laws that favour women and disadvantage men continue to advance as they have, it will soon be the case for every relationship.

So while women play dumb and pretend that they don't hear us, they are speaking quite loudly in one voice to those who are listening. They are screaming from the hilltops, that they deserve and are entitled to the right to destroy any man they so desire at any given time, for any reason, whether just or unjust simply because they can.

This is not a game. Men are losing their children, their wealth, and even their lives. Yet women are destroying their own futures and their children's futures as they stupidly, playfully, act the victim in the whole affair by lamenting the derth of "real men" in their lives.


"Conan! What is best in life?"
"To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women." -- Conan, Conan The Barbarian

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