Dodging A Bullet

Written By Oxygenthief

I met Angela about 4 years ago through a friend. He suggested we go for drinks one night, and happened to bring along a couple of female friends from his day job. Angela initially seemed nice enough, if a little loud, but as the alcohol flowed, that became less important to me. There was certainly no indication of the cloven hoof that would eventually be revealed. The four of us left the bar we were in and ended up at a rather packed club full of the typical Friday night crowd. There was lots of drinking, provocative dress and dirty dancing.

It was at this point that Angela first seemed to take an interest in me, and decided to tell the world about it by grinding up and down against me in time to the music. To be honest I should have realised at that point how the whole sorry tale would eventually unfold and got the hell out of there, but I was young and naive and my hormones were raging. Instead, I encouraged her behaviour. Before I knew it, the lights of the club were coming on and I was left wondering where we would go from there. She instantly rebuffed the idea of me going home with her. Apparently her father was staying at her house... babysitting her daughter. That revelation was truly a blow. Nevertheless, she made it clear that sex of a casual nature was definitely available, should I choose to accept it. I don't know why I didn’t run. I really don't. All I can offer by way of explanation for my dogged determination is the age-old adage that pussy is indeed a powerful thing, and at that point I thought I could see the finishing line in sight. Single motherhood should be a massive warning sign to every single guy, but sometimes the only way we learn is to discover for ourselves just why it's toxic.

The following week, the friend who had introduced us explained that he had spoken to Angela, and had arranged for us both to go round there. The intention of course, was that I would screw Angela, and my friend would get involved with one of her friends. We excitedly drove around to her house, but when we arrived, the door was answered by her 4-year-old daughter! I could feel any sexual appetite I might have had fast dissipating from my body as I hesitantly asked "hello, is mummy home?". That should have been the signal to bail - sending your daughter to answer the door for a man who was coming round simply to screw you is pretty classless. I was losing heart and could only manage to sit down and make small talk for 20 minutes before my friend and I both lost our nerve and left.

Despite this, I still didn’t give up and found myself talking to Angela regularly over MSN Messenger. This time, I arranged for her to leave her daughter with her father the following week. We planned to meet in town before having a few drinks and then going back to her place for the night. Whilst talking on MSN, we got onto the subject of previous relationships. I jokingly asked if any of her ex-boyfriends could provide references for her. She excitedly replied "yeah, all 40 of them!". I was finding myself more repulsed by the minute. Still, unbelievably, I pressed on like some sort of sex-mad kamikaze.

I turned up at the arranged time for drinks at a bar in the centre of town. The friend who had introduced us turned up to watch the train wreck in action. Unfortunately, Angela was raving drunk even before I'd arrived. When I commented on this, she happily informed me that she had not been so drunk since the weekend before she met me, when she had climbed on stage at a strip club in a drunken stupor and stripped for the assembled punters. I think I might have thrown up a little in my mouth, but could find no way to gracefully exit the situation. Making our way inside, we found that the horny young males were out in force that evening. Angela wasted no time in taking advantage of this by dirty dancing with them as they crowded around her, fighting for her favour. I declinded to join in. For her part, Angela was constantly looking over at me to see if I was getting jealous. At this point, I could no longer deny the mess I had been slowly getting myself into over the last few weeks. I decided that the men trying desperately to get Angela's attention were welcome to her. With that, I said goodbye to my friend and quite literally escaped out of the club's fire exit.

Half an hour after leaving, Angela she called my mobile, but I wisely let it go to voicemail. I played the message back. She sounded completely hysterical and was clearly in tears. She complained, in between her sobs, that she was outside the club waiting for me and had no idea where I had gone. She couldn’t believe that I had abandoned her. Hearing that message, I knew I had done the right thing. Worse was to follow, however, and it would truly vindicate my decision to get out while I still could.

Half an hour after the first call I received another. Once again, I let it go to voicemail and then played it back. This time, Angela's voice was cold, deliberate and brutally calculating. She started by insulting my penis size (which she had never seen) before going on to tell me that she hoped that I got knifed by a load of black guys showing up on my doorstep. I was also informed that if that failed to happen, then she wished me a slow and agonising death through cancer. Receiving death threats from a 28-year-old single mother simply because I had had the nerve to reject her is certainly one of the stranger experiences I have had in my life. It also seems that women, no matter how sweet and lovely you may think they are, do not take rejection well. At all.


"I hate this place. This zoo. This prison. This reality, whatever you want to call it, I can't stand it any longer. It's the smell, if there is such a thing. I feel saturated by it. I can taste your stink and every time I do, I fear that I've somehow been infected by it." -- Agent Smith, The Matrix

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