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You can use this page to find links to like-minded men or other sites of interest.

A Voice For Men - Masculine counter-theory in the age of misandry.
Antimisandry - Curing feminist indoctrination!
Chapin's Inferno - A wandering cauldron of politically incorrect commentary
Community of the Wrongly Accused - Pierce Harlan slams the culture of false rape accusations
Community Organized Compassion and Kindness - John the Other's take on Men Going Their Own Way
The Counter-Feminist - Fidelbogan's ongoing deconstruction of feminism
Going Your Own Way - The current home of Men Going Their Own Way. Adapt and thrive.
Masculist Advice - Yohan fights for the rights of man by speaking out against feminism.
Men's Rights Help - Helping men break the silence on feminism and abuse.
Men's Rights Subreddit - Advocating for the social and legal equality of men since 2008.
Men Factor - RIP wants to rid the world of feminism. Who are we to argue?!
Patr333X Blog - Patr gives his thoughts on men's issues.
The Knight and Drummer - The home of Amfortas and his tavern. Stop by and have a beer!
Western Women Suck - Scott's journey to find a foreign bride.
What Men Are Saying About Women - Christian's comprehensive assessment of women.
"What Men Are Saying" Podcasts - Pocasts and MP3's produced for "What Men Are Saying About Women".

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