American Women Are Sexist

American Women have to be the most Sexist Creatures on the Planet (The Empress has no clothes!)

Guys, this one is long. I'm going to point-out only a fraction of the whole pile of sexist bullshit that women feed us ALL. Only thing is: women don't want you to think that it's sexist bullshit. Oh, no- they want you to think that sexist bullshit is 'equality' and that it's yummy! Let me tell you... the examples in this essay are proof-positive that women have taken the concept of 'equality' and turned it inside-out! They've taken 'equality' and twisted it like a damned balloon-animal!


It's simple: Women define the concept of sexism strictly from their point of view.

A woman's idea of sexism in the world today was created entirely by women, for women. Their idea of sexism is about all the unfair things that men do to women. It doesn't include one of the unfair things that women say, think or do to men. Not one. It is blind to anything from a man's point of view. Women are totally unaccountable, because they never consider the bad things they do to men. Period.

The idea of women's equality was created by women... Tell me: whose benefit is it for? At whose expense? Who controls the agenda? And why are they allowed to clamor for more privileges while giving-up none of their own? 'Equality for women' actually means 'we pick new privileges for us, while we keep all the old privileges we already have.' The next time you hear a woman say she 'wants equality', ask her: which privileges does she intend to give-up? I guarantee, she will look at you like you're nuts for even thinking such a thing.
Women have made such tremendous strides in the arenas of money and political power- even to the point where men discriminate against other men to make more room for women. But men have been allowed almost no progress toward equality in the areas of reproductive rights, human relationships or even speaking our minds without fear of being belittled!

You think men are unfair? Listen guys: it is because we are perfectly fair that we listen to women rant on and on about how we're not! When you try to suggest to a woman that her gender's behavior is unfair, you will typically smack-into a wall of vehement denials and the insistence that you must be the one with all the problems. Why is gender-bigotry only acceptible when it comes from a woman's mouth? Why is gender-bias only acceptible if it elevates a woman? Why is it a woman won't tolerate any double-standard that doesn't favor her? Why is it that if you won't discriminate in favor of a woman, then it means you are sexist?

Women complain about men a lot, so there must be something legitimate behind the complaint, right? But chew on this idea: say that you have a poor laborer living in a sweatshop with a broken fan. Now, say that you have a guest in a luxury hotel with broken air-conditioning. Which one is more likely to complain? A complaint reflects the wants and expectations of the complainer, not the actual circumstances of the complainer!

We are living in the sweatshop. They are living in the hotel. At your expense, I might add. Only thing is: from their point of view, they're not living a hotel... because a real hotel has air-conditioning, doesn't it?!?


Chauvinism and Doublespeak

Women seem to have a selective interpretation of the English language. Ask any woman: what is the mental image you get when you hear the word 'chauvinism'? Typically, she thinks of some male who disrespects women. In fact, a lot of people think that's what the word 'chauvinism' actually means... being a male pig. This is NOT the true meaning of the word 'chauvinism'! Look it up in the dictionary:

chau•vin•ism n.

  1. Militant devotion to and glorification of one's country; fanatical patriotism.
  2. Prejudiced belief in the superiority of one's own gender, group, or kind.

The word 'male' or 'man' NO WHERE appears in the definition! It's gender-neutral: it just means SOMEBODY who believes in the superiority of their own group or nationality. (You can have American chauvinists, white chauvinists, Hindu chauvinists, etc.) But, the word 'chauvinist' has been so misused over the years, now it is almost universally accepted in English-speaking countries to mean specifically male-chauvinism. A lot of women automatically assume that a chauvinist must be, by definition, a man!

Thusly, the English language has been corrupted to create a negative quality attributed to MEN only, and the original meaning seems to be largely forgotten. If you ever accuse a woman of chauvinism, she will insist that she could never be a chauvinist because she is a woman. Ask her: what does 'chauvinist' mean? 99 times out of 100, they will say 'male pig'. This is incorrect. Get a dictionary, show them the true meaning. (On a similar note, my sister once claimed that the word 'bastard' could not be applied to a female! Again, look it up!)

What's the point of this deceit? George Orwell's illustrated the effect with his concept of 'Doublespeak'. Doublespeak means that you use a euphamistic word for political purposes, usually to hide misuses of power. In the book 1984, doublespeak is a mechanism by which a totalitarian state can confuse its people and disguise its abuses (war is peace, freedom is slavery, etc). It is difficult for a dissident idea to appear if there is a lack of terms with which to express it, so doublespeak serves the purpose of destroying these terms. It dimishes the range of human thought in order to preempt the development of those ideas which might threaten the status quo.

Noam Chomsky, a linguist at M.I.T., once said: "(The terms of doublespeak) have two meanings. One is the dictionary meaning, and the other is a meaning that is useful for serving power — the doctrinal meaning... (doublespeak's) effect is to make it impossible to find words to talk about matters of human significance in a coherent way." (Emphasis mine.)
Doublespeak is one of the tools women employ to add to the pile of bullshit they hide their sexism and suckiness under. It is a smokescreen... she uses it the same way an octopus escapes behind its ink-cloud. This is how a woman can tell boldfaced lies, yet believe she is telling the truth. This is how a woman can be prejudiced, yet believe she is being fair. This is how a woman can confound an attempt to hold her responsible for her wrongdoings by turning the blame back at you. This is how a woman can think that equality is the same thing as a privileged and subsidized existence. This is how a woman can say with conviction that she could never be a chauvinist because a chauvinist must be a man and women just aren't capable of being chauvinists.

A woman refers to 'fairness' and 'equality' only when these things can benefit her. At any other time, she does not use these two words with their dictionary meanings. At any other time, she uses their doctinal meanings instead. Therefore, women don't give a damn about inequality whenever it's experienced by a different gender.

This is the principle by which a woman says 'chauvinist' but really means 'male pig'. Whereby 'justice' and 'fairness' both mean 'whatever suits my desires right now.' Whereby 'equality for women' means 'special privileges for women'. Whereby 'respect me' means 'don't question me'. Whereby 'listen' means 'shut-up and agree'. Whereby 'communicate' means 'do as I say'. Whereby 'he and I are compatible' means 'he meets my demands on him'. Whereby 'he's romantic' means 'he gives me things'. Whereby 'I want a sensitive man' means 'I want a man who is only sensitive to what I want, whenever I want'.

Doublespeak has the power to warp conceptual thinking and it provides a woman with the wiggle-room she needs to serve her own power. Maneuverings of this type are how a woman can grab the portfolio of entitlements that is most attractive to her on any given day- and resist scrutiny as she does so. The list of doublespeak goes on and on and on. Whereby 'misogynist' means 'male who criticizes any woman'. 'Blaming the victim' means 'women aren't responsible for what they do'. 'No means no' means 'I want the man to take the heat if I have second thoughts after we have sex'. 'Male-dominated world' or 'patriarchy' or 'oppression of women' all mean 'multi-purpose scapegoat'. 'I like you as a friend' means 'I think you're a chump'. 'You can trust me' means 'I'll tell your secrets to everyone at the nail-salon the first chance I get'.

Doublespeak is meant to confuse us so that when the time comes, we will solemnly decide to act against our own interests for something 'greater' than ourselves: benefitting women. Doublespeak will trick a man into abusing himself and other men- for the sole purpose of proving to a woman how 'masculine' he is. And since a woman believes her own doublespeak propaganda is truth, she can scream and point fingers when things don't turn-out the way she wanted. She'll claim the man is to blame because he refuses to 'listen' and 'communicate'(!)


There is such a thing as female-chauvinism... and it advances-forward under the banner of 'ekwalitee'.

There are TWO sexes. Therefore, sexism can go TWO ways. (Such a bloody simple idea, and yet it seems to elude the female grasp.) I am convinced that almost all women in America are totally sexist beyond redemption. (Yes, I concede that seems anti-woman sexist, too, but let's move beyond bickering over that point now that I've already pointed it out for you.) Furthermore, I believe that almost no American women are truly committed to producing overall sexual equality, no matter what they might claim to the contrary.

Women never wanted equality with men... because they've always considered themselves to be superior in the first place. What they really want is what I call 'ekwalitee'... an idea that pretends to represent both genders, but actually serves to paper-over flagrant pro-female biases.

A woman only complains about the areas in life in which she suffers a deficit, but never thinks about the areas in which she enjoys surpluses... and she will hold-up this handful of complaints as proof that she is somehow at a disadvantage. Like a shopper who disputes one or two items on a receipt and thinks it is evidence that the store is trying to cheat her... without acknowledging that most of the stuff in the shopping cart was bought with coupons.

Women rationalize their chauvinism with a chauvinistic argument: men suck, therefore women need have special advantages over men. Of course this is sexist, but here's the real kicker: a lot of women don't consider that argument to be sexist at all. They consider it to be perfectly fair and justified because their definition of sexism doesn't include what women do to men! If you actually say that a woman is sexist, she will look at you like you're crazy. Her attitude will typically be: "can a woman be sexist? Hell, no!" Uh... excuse me... isn't that statement sexist too? You just invalidated yourself. You start to wonder if women are either clinically insane or incredibly stupid because they just don't get it! You can test this thesis yourself: because of their warped definition of sexism, women have adopted a smug attitude of moral superiority and have little to no sympathy for men's problems. They are blind to men's problems. That's how sexist they are.

Their twisted definition of 'ekwalitee' allows them to overlook, hide or deny things that are actually incredibly unequal.

Start here*

Try talking to a woman (not a raving, man-hating feminist, but a normal, adult woman... and she can't be a close friend of yours, she has to be a woman you don't know very well) about problems that beset men's daily lives and you will get a blank stare. Or you will be told that whatever problems men have, men's problems are trivial; women have it MUCH worse. And you can't possibly understand, because you're a guy and you already have everything you could ever want because the world is arranged in your favor. That a woman has to make tremendous efforts in order to get the things that come so easily to you. Then, she'll proceed to hijack the conversation and turn it into a one-sided rant about women's problems.

If you dare say "guys have it pretty bad, too" to a female, she will scoff at this suggestion! I kid you not: Nearly 100% of ALL American women to whom I have said this have scoffed or strongly disagreed with this statement! One gender's (Male) issues can't be as important as another gender's (Female) issues! That cuts to the very definition of sexism, but a woman will not make this connection because her doublespeak idea of sexism only means the bad things that men do!

But, THIS GETS EVEN BETTER! If you say to an adult male "women really have it bad", it's hard to find a man who will scoff at this statement!! I have tested this myself many times, and the average man is openly READY AND WILLING to concede that the other gender has important problems worth thinking-about! Men think women's problems are important. Women think ALL their problems are obviously more important than ANY 'trivial' male problem. Riddle me this, Batman: WHICH GENDER IS MORE SEXIST?!

* I want you to go-back and reread those above three paragraphs! Reread them from 'Start here' in case you missed a detail! Let the facts sink-in!


The gender which is most fair must be the gender which is most aware of its own unfairness.

Should I continue? Guys, we are getting shafted up the wazoo out there! Only thing is, women want us to believe that we're being shafted for the noble sake of 'equality' and that it feels just grrrreat!

I see two possibilities: either we live in a world where everything is indeed controlled by men, OR we live in a world where something much more evil and insidious is at work- but it's so pervasive and hard to see that we are prevented from recognizing it and are unable to even point to it. I'll put forward a paradigm shifting suggestion: that the world is not controlled by men, but is actually controlled by women who blame men for everything.

But don't men shape the world we live in?

Come on! Do you have much say in how the world works? No! Neither do I! Very few men do! We're born-into the world and we all grapple with building our lives to suit it! Saying that men shape the world is like saying that milk shapes a carton! It's a total lie! It's slop! It's hooey! It's a fraud!

And then, there is the overwrought deceit that women have been unfairly restrained by men throughout history. That oversimplistic idea is only true to the extent that EVERYBODY was unfairly restrained by somebody else throughout history!!

Female power is everywhere, it is freaking pervasive. We don't see it, because it's outside the law and embedded in the landscape. A fish doesn't see the water it swims in! But male power is like the bubbling treasure-chest in the bottom of the fish-tank. It's highly visible, and sometimes bothersome. Think about that metaphor the next time you look in a fish-tank.

Think of it: women want half of that treasure chest, when they already own the water! They want half of the 20% of the world they don't already control! If women claim that men rule the world, it's because they're taking their own desire to rule the world and applying it to interpret male behavior!

Here are some examples of how your lives are worse, not better, than women's lives:


Sexist Laws: Bend-over, boys... here it comes! Just relax your sphincters and let the broom-handle get crammed WAYYYY up your asses.

Let's start with the obvious: a man walking the streets at night tends to be looked-at by women as a possible criminal. A woman doing the same tends to be regarded by other women as someone who might need protection.

There are plenty of sexist laws out there that restrain "male" behavior simply because a woman might find the behavior offensive. (Not that the behavior might harm a woman, mind you, but it might offend her.) Nobody should be forced to put up with repeated, offensive, unwanted sexual advances in the workplace. If your boss says "have sex with me or your fired", then yes, that's what the law was meant to protect against. Any man who does that is a swine. But almost all guys have had it painfully made clear to them that if a female co-worker so much as THINKS he's looked at her the wrong way, she has the right to sue him or get him fired! Men have that right too, but if we try to exercise it, we'll most-likely be laughed-at! If you say you want to sue a woman because you think she leered at you, no one will take you seriously! Is that equality??

How about divorce settlements? In the average settlement, your ex-wife has a right to between HALF and a THIRD of everything you own, no matter how much money she earns! (That varies from state to state, but that's pretty-much what the overall picture is like. There are reams of documents to back this up.) And she gets automatic custody of the kids! Divorce courts are almost always sympathetic to the woman, regardless of the circumstances of the divorce or who initiated it (and it is women who initiate more than 75% of all divorces, by the way)...

If you think that the law tries to be fair- I personally know a bunch of good, honest, NICE men who have been totally screwed-sideways by their vindictive ex-wives (not 'screwed' in the good way, mind you) because divorce laws automatically puts men at a disadvantage... My friend Artie, he's a really great guy. He got a divorce because his wife cheated on him multiple times... and he can see his son only once a week.
A woman can come-into a marriage with nothing, and come out of it five years later with half her husband's belongings- what a great deal that is! For the woman, at least.

Is it equality to shut fathers out of their children's lives? It might seem fair to the woman that she has suzerainty over a child she's carried in her womb for nine months, but it's not always fair to the child!

A woman who can’t cook, can’t clean house, and isn’t sure how to hold her baby can go to court against a man who can do all of these things and STILL win custody of the kid almost every time! And all she has to do is say that she thinks the man will abuse the child, and the man won't ever see the kid again without state supervision being present!

Howabout murder? In murder cases the courts frequently assume that any woman driven to murder must have been out of her mind- since she could surely not have committed so heinous an act on her own. Her "battered woman" defense will say she must have been battered or provoked somehow and it's not her fault. In short, her defense is "poor little me", and society is suckered into rushing to her aid (even in cases where there's no proof that she actually was battered!) There is no equivalent "battered man" defense.

Howabout laws concerning rape? Rape is a crime, and the offenders deserve to be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Here's something I bet you didn't know: rape laws are written with one ironclad assumption- that the woman is always telling the truth. Also, rape laws are all written so that only the man can be guilty. It's a crime if a man penetrates a woman against her will... but it's not a crime if a woman's uterus envelops a man's penis against his will. The responsibility of behaving appropriately in sexual situations is entirely upon you, fella- but she can do and say anything she wants and typically can expect not to be punished. You have to respect her body, she doesn't have to give a damn about yours.

Where is this all logically going? I will put-forward a few paranoid-sounding suggestions for you guys to think about: is it possible that women won't rest until every offensive "male" characteristic is punishable by law??

Is it possible that women won't rest until they get 50-50 of everything you own, even though their needs already carry more weight in society?

It is possible that women want the right to lock fathers out of their children's lives if they so desire?

Is it possible that women won't stop until they feel that they've exacted enough 'revenge' as compensation for what they've convinced themsleves was thousands of years of male oppression?

I don't want to believe the above statements, but I think women owe us a damn good explanation to demonstrate how they're not heading in this direction!


'No' means 'no'. (Except when a woman hears a man say 'no'.)

BY LAW, a man has to respect when a woman says 'no' to sex. A man can be thrown in JAIL if he doesn't obey this rule. (By the way, just so no one misunderstands me and goes-off the deep-end: I again condemn rape. Rapists are criminals and are lower than dirt.) But why is it women don't always respect it when men say 'no' about non-sexual things?

Here's a specific example: my Sister got married. They lived in a house in a neighborhood which she didn't like. My sister started pestering her husband to buy her a new house. Hubby responded with 'no, it's not the best time for me to buy a new house right now.' However, to my sister, 'no' didn't mean 'no'... it meant 'keep bothering him until he caves'. She kept bothering him about it. She kept dropping hints. She kept asking and asking and asking and she wouldn't accept 'no' for an answer. My parents and I agreed: she was acting disgusting by doing this. (By the way, my sister is a doctor. She's a highly-educated career woman, and she's still has no problem with using emotional pressure-tactics like that!)

Finally, after some months of this, Hubby ended-up buying her a house. Now, if a man used that kind of pressure against a woman for sex, he'd be liable for a humongous harassment suit!

(By the way... my Ex did the exact same thing to me. She wouldn't accept 'no' from me if I refused to buy her some jewelry that she really wanted, for instance. When I said 'no', it meant nothing in her eyes. My 'no' was dead on arrival. She even sheepishly admitted this to me once: "NiceGuy, when you say 'no'... in my mind, I kind of react with: 'No? What do you mean, no?! You're not supposed to say 'no', you're supposed to be good to me!'")

Okay, well, 'no means no' is mainly about when men harass women for sex... Guys, have you ever tried saying 'no' to your girlfriend if she wants sex? Trust me, her reaction won't be pretty.

If you tell your girlfriend 'no, I don't feel like having sex tonight', she will loathe you for it. I tried this on a couple occasions... Here's a sample.

I was dead-tired. I had five hours before I had to get-up to work and Lying Whorebag was rubbing-up against me, naked.

"NiceGuy, mmm... come on. Let's make love."

"No, it's really late. Sorry, I don't have any energy... I'm so sleepy and I want to go to sleep. Maybe tomorrow night."

"Come on, you know you want it." All of a sudden, I feel her go-down on me. She starts sucking on it.

I tap her shoulder. "Honey, no. No!" She ignores me. I gently pull it out of her mouth. She looks at me, wide-eyed. Her mouth twists into an expression of exasperation. "No, thank you. I should really go to-"

"What the hell! You're turning into a homo like your brother, aren't you?"

"First..." I was stunned. "First of all, that's a mean tone of voice and second, I'm not turning gay, I just really need to get some sleep if I'm going to be alert at work tomorrow." She sits-up and nudges me.

"So now I have a mean voice? What the hell is wrong with you?" She demands. "My ex-boyfriends would always give it to me when I asked for it! You're not going to sleep unless you tell me what your problem is!"

She kept at it. She kept suggesting I was secretly gay. She demanded to know what was going on that I was refusing to have sex with her.

I look at the clock. Four and a half hours of sleep left. Ugh. She wasn't going to let me sleep until I had sex with her.

Suddenly, I cave-in to. "Okay, here's the real problem: I just was afraid I wouldn't be able to keep-up an erection tonight. That's what why I refused you. I- I was just a little afraid. Honest." I lied.

"You thought you couldn't keep it up?" She asked. "Really?"

"Well, yeah, I was afraid. That's all."

She began to stroke my dick. It sprang to attention.

"You'll be fine. Just lay-back..." She had a proven record of trying to deprive me of sleep until she gets her way. I lay back and let her straddle me. I let her have sex with me, and I pretend I like it. My 'no' did not mean 'no'. She pressured me into having sex. Shouldn't we both agree on whether we'll have sex?

In the above situation, if the genders were reversed, this would have been called 'date rape'! Why didn't she just chloroform me instead?!

So, why is it that 'no means no' only when it comes to a man asking a woman for sex and not vice-versa? I'll put-forward an unwritten law: women think their sexuality is worth more than a man’s sexuality. That's how sexist they are.

They think men’s sexuality is cheap and isn't equal to women's sexuality. Women have seen to it that the process of men trying to get sex from women is as difficult as possible! She thinks your sexuality is so entirely without meaning, that she'll make you pay through the nose for the 'honor' of giving it to her! After sex, she will then assume that you've got to repay some kind of debt you've incurred towards her!

When a woman is even so much as talked into having sex when she doesn’t want to, it’s a crime. When a man is talked into having sex when he doesn’t want to, it’s regarded as a joke if he later complains that he didn’t want to. Women hold women’s sexuality as precious and something which needs to be guarded by laws, campus police and tear-gas on their key-chains. She doesn't give much thought to male sexuality, because a woman automatically assumes that male sexuality isn't worth quite as much as her precious sexuality. My sexual desires didn't mean as much as Whorebag's desires. She didn't have to give a damn about my body. Is that equality?


Sexist Media. Bend-over, boys... here it comes again!

One can interpret all sorts of subtle male-sexism embedded within tv programs or movies... you can claim that the cartoon Dennis the Menace is sexist because it's all from Dennis' point of view, and Dennis' neighbor Margaret is a total turkey every time you see her... (However, Dennis' mom is nice... as is Good ol' Mrs. Wilson.) Howabout Comedy Central's The Man Show? What could be more sexist than that? (Here's an interpretation of The Man Show that women never seem to actually realize: it's not a celebration of male chauvinism, it's actually a show where men are making fun of themselves!) You can find subtle anti-female sexism wherever you want to find it... but anti-male sexism isn't subtle at all. In fact, you get beaten-over the head with it almost every time you turn-on the tv or go to a movie.

I loathe a lot of the media which glorifies women while vilifying men. Monday nights on ABC, there are 4 back-to-back women-focused sitcoms that almost always touch on what stupid, piggish louts men are... Ever see Ally McBeal? Nearly every legal dispute is turned into a men vs. women war of attrition, with women usually starting-out being the victim, then the victor. In the first season, the main male characters in this show were either sex-maddened pigs or hopeless, unattractive dorks. I stopped watching it after the first three episodes because it made me want to vomit. (Thank God it's been cancelled since I originally wrote this. The audience just got sick of the whiny main character, so it appears.)
Or take Lifetime television, whose endless made-for-TV movies about women being stalked, harassed, and otherwise pestered by males, has earned it the moniker "television for victims"- but also made it rank among the highest-rated cable networks in the U.S.

Ever notice a recurring set of themes in most TV dramas? Most major male characters are either psychotic, evil, cheating pigs, stupid morons, inadequate excuses for human beings- or any combination of these things. Until their true nature is revealed, these male characters often appear to be charming, benevolent and trustworthy- but eventually turn into the rats they are. Evil or psychotic male characters are often killed-off, and the inadequate ones are somehow "converted" or "fixed" through guidance by females... Women are seldom criticized, except by the pigs, and thus the critiques need not be taken seriously. And the best men of all-- why, they are artistic, sensitive, creative... and totally out of reach, because it turns-out in the end that they're gay!
The underlying message of all this is very clear: there is nothing about heterosexual men that is acceptable. Therefore, men should be tolerated only to the extent that they can either become more like women- or become dead.

Here's another example: there was one news report on "20/20" in 1998 about a medical study which reported that men have more brain cells than women. (The number of brain cells has absolutely, totally nothing to do with either genders' intelligence, mind you- seeing as how Einstein's brain was smaller and lighter than average.) But Barbara Walters ended the segment with a joke: "Which leads us to wonder: exactly what do men do with those extra brain-cells?"

Oh har-dee-har. Yeah, well if Hugh Downs had instead quipped a joke about a woman's brain being small, he would've been fired the next day!

I'm disturbed by the fact that today's "modern", educated women find this male-bashing claptrap entertaining- simply because it panders to the lowest common denominator of her preconceived stereotypes. Male-bashing is not constructive. It doesn't facilitate inter-gender understanding, it restrains it... It's as bad as the race-hate that our society has been trying so hard to abolish. But it's so pervasive, we don't even notice it. I'll give you another harmless-seeming example:

One time, I was browsing greeting cards in a store... I picked-one out. It was from the 'woman's birthday card' section. It said the following on the front:

So, I hear you're trying to find a man who's your intellectual equal?

On the inside cover:

Best of luck- you'll need it!!

Oh, har-dee-har. It is to laugh. We guys be tho dumb. Hmm, let's see what happens if I change just one word?

So, I hear you're trying to find a black who's your intellectual equal? Best of luck- you'll need it!!

Now, if that modified greeting card was put to press, the manufacturer would be hit by SO many boycotts and lawsuits, they'd go out of business within a month! (Make no mistake, I condemn racism in the strongest possible way. Racists are lower than dirt. I used this unfortunate example PURELY to make a point. Please forgive me.)

Ladies... that greeting card is, in a nutshell, offensive. It is hate-mongering. It is a base, stereotyping, reductionist, ugly, scummy thing to say. It is the gender-equivalent of bigotry. But, does anyone ever raise even a little stink about it?? No! Obviously, some woman actually thought it was funny enough to print ten-thousand copies! (It had to be a woman who approved this card!) This card is just ONE teeny example of how women are shot-through with bigotry and sexism and they don't even realize it. Go to the greeting card section of any store, guys! You can find a dozen other cards like this one. Somewhere, some woman writer made a fortune from cards like these.

Howabout commercials? In any commercial where there is a man-woman conflict of interest, odds are, the woman wins every time. In TV-land, men are useless... I remember one commercial for cold medicine where the 'mom' is sick in bed with a cold... and her husband totally messes-up the house when she's not there to clean it 'correctly'. As if men are too stupid to know how to use a vacuum or a microwave. Ads regularly show fathers outsmarted by their wives and daughters. In a commercial, when a woman isn't home to cook dinner for her husband, he typically stands clueless at the open fridge door, dumbfounded. See? Men are idiots, and women think it's HI-larious.

And the Internet? If you look under the 'Gender Wars' category under Yahoo, there are at least 5 anti-male sites for every 1 anti-female site. And the volume of visitors at the anti-male sites is typically MUCH larger than those at the anti-female sites. (I made this site to help balance things!)

How about the movies?

Ever see any chick-flicks? Fried Green Tomatoes? Waiting to Exhale? Thelma and Louise? First Wives' Club? Joy Luck Club? As Good as It Gets? ALL of these films are estrogen-drenched female fantasies! The heterosexual men in these movies are prejudiced caricatures of men!!! These movies show that the female-view of men is HORRIBLE!!! These movies are JUST as tasteless as Al Jolson's blackfaced performances! And you know what? I just listed six all-time favorites!

Look at Fried Green Tomatoes... ALL the men are abusive, porcine assholes! The ONLY respectable male in the whole movie is a persecuted, semi-retarded (practically neutered) man who sacrifices himself for a girl at the end! Joy Luck Club? The hidden message of this movie: doesn't it suck to live under a patriarchy? Mothers and daughters need to stick together to defend themselves from damn men! First Wives' Club? It's about revenge against ex-husbands- hell, I don't even have to explain the gist of what happens! As Good as It Gets? The only man who's NOT thoroughly messed-up is gay! Waiting to Exhale? We see a woman getting a kick out of piling all her cheating man's worldly possessions into his car and setting it on FIRE! In the real world, we call this 'arson'!

These movies are reprehensible! Women can't get enough of these movies! It's hate-mongering propaganda- and it sells like hot-cakes.


Sexist Warfare. Get ready to die for the womenfolk, boys. It's expected of you.

There was a time in the U.S. when a man could get conscripted (drafted). That's when you have to go into the military, or else they'll throw your butt in jail if you don't have a valid excuse (or parents wealthy-enough to get you exempted)... The really big wars of the past were fought largely by conscripts. In World War I, for instance, every belligerent nation had some form of conscription going. The conscripts were almost 100% male... Most other countries have conscription even today (do you really think that Russian males volunteer to fight in Chechnya?) Nowadays, a lot of women are entering the military in larger and larger numbers (and I applaud this... I think that's awesome! If a woman wants to die on the front-line so that I don't have to, she's welcome to it! But women in the military are usually kept in secondary support roles, far from the heat of battle. Wouldn't want the poor darlings to get hurt, would we?)

When women die in combat, it is typically news-worthy. When men die in combat, it's a statistic. Why, it wasn't until 2001, that ground was broken in D.C. for a World-War II memorial. The six American women who died in the more recent Vietnam War had their own special memorial built years ago. (They were almost all nurses too, by the way.)

But men are responsible for war...

War only comprises a tiny slice of history- men have also been the biggest peace-makers! Men have largely been behind all the big disarmament conferences, peace treaty negotiations and all the major diplomatic efforts throughout history to avoid war! And how about when women are the ones who order the war in the first place? Margaret Thatcher ordered a military response to kick Argentina out of the Falkland Islands. A lot of Argentine and British men died in the South Atlantic because of that sharp, little war. Catherine the Great threw tens of thousands of men into combat at a time! War is an unfortunate part of the entire fucking burden of society that men carry- but men are going to fight in a war, even if a woman is in charge.

Or consider this quote from a book called "Bloody Hell" by Dan Hallock. It describes the emotions used in process of recruiting: "Young men are driven by hate and fear, not only of the 'enemy,' but of the reactions of friends and family and society, should they fail to conform. Many would rather die than risk disapproval and loss of respect; would rather have their blood ebb away on distant sands than turn against the tide of common emotion and expectation..." Men go into combat because society expects exclusively men to do so and it shames them when they don't. Fortunately, the draft doesn't exist in the U.S. any more... but it could come back one day. After 9/11, the idea of requiring American men between the ages of 18 and 22 to have six months of military training is getting seriously suggested in Congress...

And you don't have to die to suffer in war... you can lose a limb. You could lose your ability to walk. You could've gotten exposed to persistent chemical weapons like Agent Orange back in 'Nam. Or been afflicted with Gulf War syndrome, or inhaled radioactive particles left-over from depleted uranium shells. You could get chunks of shrapnel buried in your brain-stem for the rest of your days.

And you know what? Even the 'intact' survivors of war typically emerge damaged for life. Post-Traumatic Stress-disorder. Shell-shock. Call it what you will- when shells start crashing around you and you see people being blown to bits- that will mess you up in the head! War has ruined the lives of countless non-wounded male veterans.

Don't get me wrong: in war, huge numbers of women die too... the difference is that most often, the female victims are usually civilians that the men are dying trying to PROTECT! Remember: during World War II, THE most destructive war in human history, U.S. women had the privilege of staying on the home-front, riveting bombers-together and assembling artillery shells so that men can go kill each other more effectively. Is that equality?

I fully support the idea of women in combat roles! Let's see how they like being conscripted! Next time we go to war, let women die and get blown-apart in massive numbers while men comfortably stay at home building more weapons. I guarantee it, the gals will scream for the government to ban women from combat duty! There is no such thing as a feminist in a foxhole.


Equality in the Workplace? Don't bet your life on it!

Women have fought a commendable battle to win 'equality' in the workplace... and the workplace is far from equal.

Realize this: women swear that they are just as capable in the workplace as a man... yet they also swear up and down that a man does not know how to cook, clean or raise a kid nearly as well! That's hypocrisy: women say they just as good at doing traditional 'male' work, but swear that men are inept when it comes to traditional 'female' work! (Heh, on the same note, I know more than a few gals who say this- but have messy houses and frankly, can't cook worth shit!)

Here's another factoid about equality in the workplace: men are the victims of 98% of all job-related deaths. Men die at work in huge numbers every year! Ever been to a steel mill? Chunks of white-hot metal are flying everywhere, and typically there's not one woman on the factory floor! There are a thousand ways you can die on a construction site! Hundreds of male policemen get gunned-down every year while doing their job of protecting both men and women! Coal miners, fire-fighters- the list goes-on for miles. It's men who do the majority of the jobs at which you can get killed!

How about workplace injuries? Furniture-moving is a male-dominated industry: do you care to guess how many furniture-movers injure their backs and knees on a daily basis? Carpentry and logging are male-dominated industries- in the average lumber mill, fingers and toes can get chopped-off right and left! The 25 worst jobs in the U.S. just happen to be male-dominated by some mysterious coincidence... I've never heard any woman ever complain about the lack of female coal-miners.

What fields do women most often enter? Things like psychological counseling, education, publishing, accounting, medicine. In short, service-oriented jobs that don't involve carrying heavy loads or accidentally chopping-off a hand. Maybe I'm generalizing. Some women do work in factories after all... Why don't you go visit a local factory sometime?

I visited a local factory a few weeks before the time of writing- the factory owner is a friend of my dad. They make custom ceramic tiles. I walked-around with the foreman, and he showed me the production process. Hundreds of pounds of clay gets loaded-in to huge hoppers. The clay gets molded with large extrusion machinery, chopped-up, fired in kilns, glazed and fired again. Both men and women worked on the factory floor, but I immediately noticed: all the heavy, dangerous work was being done by men. Men were working near the blazing-heat of the 400-degree kilns. Men were loading heavy sacks of clay on catwalks and climbing on the machinery to operate it. The women were sitting at benches doing the polishing, glazing and smoothing. The men worked in hard-hat areas, while the women were clearly out of harm's way. I looked for a woman with a hazardous job, I did not see one. There were also plenty of women in the factory's administration offices doing computer-design work, accounting work and the clerical work. The most dangerous things these women ever touched on the job was sandpaper and keyboards! No wonder men die on the job so often! (P.S., there appeared to be a good safety record at this particular factory... but just imagine this type of division-of-labor multiplied a million times across the planet. And not all countries have good industrial-safety standards- I've visited some of the nicer Chinese factories, and the safety record there is not enviable. A lot of potential for male injuries globally.)

Oh, sure, you might point-out that the owner of the factory was a man- but you know what? He practically built the place with his bare hands! Do you think that's easy for any man to do? He almost went bankrupt 4 times before his business started making real money. Do you honestly think there's a smoke-filled club where a bunch of old men gather-around a table over brandy saying "Well, good old Richard is one of us- let's give him a factory or two!"

Can't all the money that changes-hands in sex-harassment lawsuits be put to better use making male jobs safer? I mean, sex-harassment is a crime, but no one actually dies as a result of it! But women don't give a shit! Male problems aren't important, remember?! It's much more important that a woman's feelings don't get hurt by a dirty joke!

Oh, women want their version of 'Equality' in the workplace... they want to have the high-paying, plum jobs but they'll forfeit the dirty, heavy or dangerous jobs. Let men do all that crap. Imagine if the numbers were reversed: if 98% of all job-deaths were suffered by women?? You'd better bet your ass there'd be a huge uproar!

Guys, this type of sexism can get you killed! Wanna lose an eye on the job? Take the type of job that a woman gives to you by default!


I will never hit a woman. But, I'm supposed to think it's okay when a woman hits me.

Ever noticed that when you go to a movie there are three gender-combinations in which fight-scenes are considered 'tolerable' by the audience?

1. When a man hits another man. 2. When a woman hits another woman. 3. And when a woman hits a man (sometimes, this last one gets the gals clapping... Violence towards men is perfectly okay because guys are just so darned annoying...)

But there is one combination of inter-gender hitting that is a big no-no. Whenever a man hits a woman, the audience tends to FEEL the pain- I sure do. (And violence against women disturbs me more than it bothers most men, I think. It bites me especially deeply when I hear of it happening.) Normally it's a male villain who hits one of the female protagonists, and that gets the crowd mad. "What a bastard!"

Men hitting women is the only situation of inter-gender violence that movie audiences will not accept. (The only exception to this rule is when the woman is a thoroughly evil kung-fu expert, example: Xenia Onatopp in Goldeneye. It's 'okay' when James Bond goes pugilistic with her, because it's already been painfully established that she's pure, hell-forged evil.)

In movies, men can beat the hell out of each other. Women can beat the hell out of men. Can a man beat-up a woman? No way! And, of course, a female's reaction to inter-gender hitting on the screen reveals yet more prejudice: a woman getting punched by a man = horribly NOT funny. A man getting punched in the testicles by a woman = HILARIOUS.

Oh, aren't men violent? I read somewhere that 95% of reported domestic violence is from men attacking women.

That statistic is based on police reports! What kind of man goes to the police and tells them his wife is beating the shit out of him?! She's already convinced him that if he feels pain, he's not a man! Women abusing men is all safely tucked-away where no one can even see it. And good-luck attracting attention to yourself if you're getting beaten-up by a woman- men's problems are laughable anyways, remember? If a bystander sees you being beaten-up by a woman, they will either think it's funny or they will assume you probably deserve it.

Which gender is more abused? If a woman hits a man, they think they're not hurting anyone! Our pain doesn't matter! The possibility of women abusing their male partners is totally-off the radar screen because the 'official' statistics are wrong, and women are callous enough to think we're human punching bags, anyway!


Women Just Don't Respect Men. They think men are idiots and should be manipulated.

I hear women make 'dumb men' jokes all the time. They think it's just HI-larious to rip men apart in private; they get so much satisfaction from it. As I pointed-out, they like being bigots. If a man is present when a room-full of women makes jokes like this, he might stand-up and defend men... and he'd be shouted-down by the ladies. He's expected to just grin and bear it. But the instant a man makes a sexist joke in front of a woman, she instantly jumps-down this throat and rips him a new corn-chute.

First of all, men aren't idiots. Most Nobel-Prize winners are men, and it's not because the global system of academic research is biased against women... there's a simpler explanation: it's because a lot of men work hard at doing research and a lot of men are smart.

When I point this out to women, they either claim that the world is against female researchers, or they mention Marie Curie as a method of showing that men aren't so damn special after all. Okay, who else besides Marie Curie? Oh, lessee, I can name a lot of men who've won the Nobel Prize... Einstein, Crick, Watson, Fermi, Milton Friedman, Shimon Peres, Lech Walesa, Desmond Tutu... Oh, shut up. (I'm not disparaging women's contributions to society: as of 2001, there are 29 women who won the Prize. Women aren't idiots either, obviously.)

My point is: both women and men can be smart. Both can be dumb. Saying otherwise is sexist. Women say otherwise all the time! We always see women who make prejudicial, sexist comments whenever they want- but then they'll turn around and scream at men who do far less-offensive things than they themselves habitually do!

Second of all, women seem to want to manipulate men. They seem to think men are idiots and should be taken advantage-of through sexual and emotional manipulation. And they know our bodies make us want to do their bidding. Our bodies want them, and they use this against us because they think it's fair that they have some kind of advantage over us in a so-called 'male-dominated world'.

Despite all the screeching and sobbing about how much they want equality, women still expect you to ask them on dates. And pay for dinner. And make the first physical moves. And take the blame if she has second thoughts the next day. In short- in a relationship, they seem to want everything without having to compromise anything. What was the last time a woman ever spent any of her money on you??

Howabout this scenario: some woman reads an advert in a magazine about a product that she thinks will make her sexy. She looks for it. She buys it. She wears it in a bar. Then, when the wrong type of man is attracted, she claims that she wasn't doing anything to attract him and that he should go away. *BLINK* Wha? Hasn't she just poured a lot of effort into being sexy and attractive? Wasn't that why she bought the damn product in the first place? She's not doing anything or is it that she's totally unaccountable for what she does? It's the male's fault for being attracted! This is one example of how women manipulate us and twist the world to suit their wants! That, my friends, is what I mean by extralegal power.

There's literally too much of this stuff for me to list! Look at ANY women's magazine, it's chock-full of manipulation advice: tips and suggestions on how to look sexy. How to 'test' her man and 'reward' him. How to initiate break-ups. How to attract men and weed-out Mister Right. How to tell if he's lying. How to hide her own lying... All day long, men think about sex and how they can get it. All day long, women think about how to look sexy and wheedle more stuff out of men. You tell me- which gender is inherently given more manipulative opportunities?

And women think that's just the way things should be.


Male Suicide Rates: Something is seriously fucked-up here, people!

Tell me, if men's lives are so great (as women insist) then why is it that the present male-suicide rate in the U.S. is 4.8 times as high for men as it is for women? (This is according to the March 15th 2000 issue of the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.) 7 out of 8 suicides in the UK are men. Hell, I'll even state the horrible big picture: for any given age-group, in nearly every country on the damned planet, the male suicide rate is always higher. Gee, I think those statistics neatly decapitate the female belief that you have it just so damn great. If we truly live in a male-dominated world and women are so oppressed, then wouldn't the suicide statistics be just a little bit different?

But aren't the bulk of attempted suicides women?

Yes, the bulk of attempted suicides... psychologists say that at least part of the time, the woman isn't as serious about killing herself and is doing it as a cry for help. Men, on the other hand, typically kill themselves when they know there's no hope. That's why they actually succeed at it much more often than women do. Oh, when women attempt suicide they get 'noticed'. Men don't get noticed even when they succeed at it.

Ask a woman about male suicide, and she'll say that "Yes, more men kill themselves, because men have more mental problems. Women are just emotionally stronger than men. La la la. Pass the butter?" Oh, jeez, why do you think that is, princess? Because we're inferior? No! It's because society actually doesn't give a damn about us and we have to deal with the constant burden of callously exploitative, demandingly abusive, hate-filled women stealing our lives, toying with our hearts, leeching our money and obliviously crushing and grinding our souls into the fucking dirt, day-in, day-out! Might that per chance be a reason why men have more 'mental problems'? Sheesh!

And look at that flippant shrug of a response you'll get: "yeah, *Shrug* women are just emotionally stronger." Jeez, if that is not the coldest, most fucking callous... It's like me saying "yeah, women get breast cancer. *Shrug* Big damn deal." I swear to Jesus H. Buddha, if a woman is going to say something like that- that is all the proof you need to show that women have got to be the coldest, most uncaring things to ever evolve from the primordial muck. This is a massive-scale public health care problem, sister! Your dismissive attitude only contributes to it!

To me, these suicide statistics prove that men's lives are at least 4.8 times as intolerable as women's lives! But a woman will still insist on how great you have it because you're a guy and that no matter how many goddamn problems you have in life, hers have to be worse!

How can we live in a male-dominated world if so many men want to kill themselves to escape it??? What kind of men dominate that world?! Something is truly, truly fucked-up!


Throughout History, Men have Consistently Fought for the Betterment of Women.

So, men are dirty swine who jealously guard their power and keep women oppressed? *Snort* Oh, please!

Globally, women have not yet reached equality; there are plenty of countries out there in which women don't even have the right to vote. I think this is wrong: I think all adult women should have the right to vote. I think all women should be equal in the eyes of the law (which means no more special exceptions for women only!) I think all women have the right to own property, pursue careers, get access to education and so on. In some countries, this isn't so, and it bothers me greatly. Plus, there are a lot of traditional societies out there in which women are treated like garbage in plenty of other, extra-legal ways. There is a lot of work left to be done, and men need to help make change happen. Now, that being said...

Nowadays, at least one female senator sits on every U.S. political committee. Women finally have a hand in writing law after decades of being denied the rights of full citizens. This is a wonderful advance, and I'd like to see more women in politics... A recent edition (at the time of writing) of Larry King had him interviewing all female senators at once in a large discussion group. The women involved were professional, knowledgeable and intelligent. I think it's wonderful that women are in politics.

But- every advance that women have made in politics is directly a result of the fact that men helped make it happen in the first place!

Take the long view of history here: throughout most of human history, nobody had any freaking rights except for a handful of rulers! And almost immediately after common men got any rights, women got them almost immediately thereafter.

Think about it: it's the late 18th century in the U.S., elected men have only been in charge of the political system for about a century (not the 'world', mind you, just the machinery of law-creation)... but then, some women (and quite a lot of male voters, by the way) rightly start to clamor that it's not fair to disenfranchise female voters. Who pressures the politicians into action? Who writes, passes and enforces the laws giving women the right to vote? Men! Men gave women the right to participate in the system! Men finally woke-up after too long and did what was right. Women, however, conveniently forget this. They don't see the change in attitude and show gratefulness, they only see the preceding Dark Ages and think that now it's their chance to get revenge by scaling-back every other 'unfair' male thing on the planet.
Every now and then, a woman who makes it into power will go to her acceptance speech, put-on a wide grin and smugly declare that society has taken a big step forward by electing/appointing her, a woman. She is totally blind to the unspoken sexism which she's implied: that a woman is unfairly held-back, yet obviously a more capable individual for whatever job it is.

Howabout advances in women's health and motherhood? The Pap-smear test for vaginal cancer. Prenatal vitamins. Numerous methods of birth-control. Treatments for female infertility and menopause. Less-invasive techniques to make childbirth easier and less painful. Literally hundreds upon hundreds of advances for female-specific medicine. The entire medical and research community was (up until the latter-half of the last century, at least) totally packed with men. Nearly every major advance in female health, nutrition and childbirth was because of the brilliance and humanitarian efforts of men. You'd think this fact might get their attention? But no, it's strictly: "thanks for the life-saving vaccine, you useless male."

Women used to do all the housework, and to a large extent, they still do today. But: in the modern age, we have enough labor-saving devices to make housework easier for everyone. In the 1930s, it used to take a few hours to make dinner and do the laundry. Who invented washing-machines, detergents and microwaves? Men! That's right, men have made an industry out of making traditional 'female' work easier! Men have invested incalculable amounts of labor to enrich, improve, extend and simplify women's lives!


History vs. Herstory. Demanding Safe-Zones Within Safe-Zones.

So men have long worked to benefit women- how can this be if women insist that the traditional male role has actually been to oppress women? Well, here's a less-accusational interpretation of why this is... I think the traditional role of men throughout all of human history can be boiled-down to two words: protect women. Think about it: men have always been the ones to go-out and carve-out a safe area for women to live within. Women needed to be protected because they have a monopoly on childbirth; so if they aren't given greater protections, the species will have a greater chance of going extinct. Men carved-out a safe zone and patrolled the perimeter to keep it safe for the women to raise kids within. Men were out there fending-off the elements, the wild animals and other men who were doing the exact same thing in the next valley. Men also tried to establish stability within the safe zone through creating the rule of law and they tried to find ways of making life easier through discovery and invention. Women, back at home, would meanwhile take care of the vital day-to-day administration and help keep the kids safe. (And, unfortunately, some men also abused their positions by being unfair to women within the safe zones they were responsible for maintaining.) This whole set-up was a division-of-labor arrangement brought-about strictly by the circumstances of the hundreds of millennia our species spent wandering hungrily-about the arid plains of east Africa, trying to fight-off extinction. And this division-of-labor arrangement has given the women of today an endless tonnage of accusational ammunition to use against us whenever they call us 'oppressors'.

But the only thing is: in the modern age from within the safety of their protected zones, women began to regard their protectors as jailers. So, from within the safe zone, women began to demand the right to set-up their own exclusive safe-zones for women only. And of course, the burden of patrolling the big safe-zone was still something that only the men should be required to do. It takes freedom to create freedom. That's why women have created the women's movement and there is almost no men's movement. Women had freedom to get more freedom. Men were all too busy wrapped-up in 'controlling the world', I guess.

But women aren't quite so willing to actually take-up the logical female equivalent of the traditional male burden: protect men. Men should be manly enough to protect themselves, obviously. Women see themselves as uniquely in need of extra protection; but men must protect themselves. That's how sexist they are.

Throughout the last two centuries, men have consistently fought for the betterment, health and advancement of women. Furthermore, men typically value women above everything else! Only thing is, women don't like to realize this little fact from within the comfort of their double-safe zones. Their beliefs to the contrary are fraudulent, deranged and unfounded. I think women need to wake-up and realize that men have a history of being allies in conducting their long-fought battle for equality! Yet, women still insist on a specially-protected status because they've been so 'oppressed'. From within their double-safe zones, they are free to churn-out as much man-hating propaganda as they can dream-up and claim it is all justified by their 'oppressed' status.

Yeah, they're so 'oppressed' that they outlive us by at least six years. When we notice that white Americans live longer than black Americans or that white South African babies have a lower mortality rate than black South African babies, most people will readily accept that this is a symptom of ongoing disenfranchisement against blacks stemming from a legacy of systematic oppression. But when you confront a woman with male mortality statistics, you can bet she'll react with a nonplussed shrug: 'yeah, men just have more physical defects than women, so they die earlier. La la la, pass the butter?'

(By the way- a black woman in America can typically expect to outlive most white American men.) Visit any retirement home: the oldest residents are almost entirely women. That is how 'oppressed' women are.

Women had the freedom within their safe zones to start their own movements in the first place. The men's movement is almost entirely non-existent because men hardly have any freedom to address inequality at all! There is never any sense of men being defined as a group by which to defend their rights in the same way that women are currently defined as a collectively-oppressed group-- indeed, much of society considers the concept to be almost laughable! By default, men have been defined in the collective psychology as a political class holding all power, regardless of any evidence to the contrary. As a result of the double-safe zone system that women have insisted upon, 'Equality' is only achieved on the woman's terms! 'Equality' is only dictated by a woman's agenda, and a woman is happy to allow us the privilege of dying earlier!

And, most importantly, only she has the power to say what is enough 'Equality'. Men don't have a voice in the matter. That is how sexist women are.


In Conclusion...

This rant has been extra-long. Exhaustive. Painstakingly-written with many, many specific examples and tests that you can try on your own. Here is my point: women can be sexist, too. Men don't have an exclusive monopoly on sexism. Everything I've pointed-out are examples of how women don't want equality: women want to make sure that their lives get better at your expense if need be. PERIOD... All in the name of their own, bizarro-version of 'ekwalitee' of course.

Let's face the fact that women are not helpless victims. I believe that women can pretty much take care of themselves as any adult can. They are just as capable in the workplace as any man. Yet, they've made an industry of claiming they're at a disadvantage and they need special exemptions and protections. They want more of men's things, yet want to keep all the women-only perks they enjoyed to start with. Getting-rid of all those perks is too painful for them, because it means they'll be expected to shoulder more of the social burden. They might actually have to work a little harder, pay a little more, expend a bit more energy. Why would a woman voluntarily rid herself of her ability to manipulate men? She wouldn't! She'd do whatever the hell she could to reinforce it and make certain it never ends!

A feminist once said:

"We can't even agree on what a 'Feminist' is...Feminism in America has come to mean anything you like, honey. There are as many definitions of feminism as there are feminists, some of my sisters say, with a chuckle. I don't think it's funny." This was said by Carmen Vasquez in the book Towards A Revolutionary Ethics. Very true, and I don't think it's funny, either. Women have the freedom to say all their diverse complaints are a symptom of 'inequality', and men have to work to give them extra protections to right the perceived wrong. At the same time, whatever advantage they already have is 'feminine' and therefore guarded jealously. Even if a woman consistently behaves in a reprehensible and atrocious fashion, she will still enjoy priority over men. The result: the most privileged and pampered women in human history insist they are a victimized minority and need yet more.

How does it feel to be 'on top', men?

Us guys are brought-up in a world that we are told is run by men- yet the record seems like the world is being run for the benefit of a bunch of women who find it convenient to blame men for everything. Women don't give a flying shit about your problems. Men die on the battlefield and at work. Men get slandered in the media, cheated in the courts and casually slapped-around. Men kill themselves in disturbing numbers. If our society is actually male-dominated, then it's dominated by men who compete to benefit women. Our law-makers are men who try to attract women voters. Our biggest captains of industry are men who try to appeal to the buying habits of women. Our military men fight and die to protect women. The mass-media reflects almost exclusively the opinions of women. Only a woman has any rights in the realm of reproduction, child-rearing and sex. Men will spend much of their lives sacrificing their effort and their energy for the benefit of women. You die SIX years earlier than the average woman! The majority of the homeless are men! But, it's all totally invisible to a woman because we've proved that she will scoff at the idea that you can have a rough time, too! She will find that idea laughable. All the while, she will conveniently blind herself to the fact that men have tirelessly sacrificed themselves to advance the female cause in a world that she mostly controlled through extralegal means anyway. She will be totally unwilling to consider giving-up one damn ounce of her power over you because she thinks that having power over you is the way things should be. That's how sexist women are.

She clearly sits in a position of command- only she believes her throne isn't quite comfy enough yet. We live in a society that believes- really believes- that women are somehow morally superior to us. That a woman somehow has a better intuitive sense as to what is right and wrong than men have; that a woman's actions or motivations must somehow be better than those of a man. Us guys are brought-up to be ashamed of who we are and apologize for who we are and work to right all the wrongs we're supposedly responsible for. If this sad social phenominon continues unabated for another generation or two, then I predict that western men will be unofficially reduced to a servile class of serfs. If we're obligated to spend our lives protecting women, then I say a woman has an obligation to fight the opportunistic temptation to abuse her protected status. Or at least help to maintain the big safe-zone that we all live within.

I'm a male, and I deserve to be equal to women. Don't I deserve to live as long as a woman? If we're going to die earlier, don't we at least deserve to live without shame, gosh-darn it?

This version of 'ekwalitee' exists because women feel they need to get-even for whatever wrongs any males have done in the past! Women, incidentally, seem to be revenge champions. They enter the world thinking that their kind have been getting shafted for centuries... so from their point of view, there is no reason why they can't ram the shaft up your ass and twist it, for good measure. You don't matter as much as them, remember? You shouldn't feel pain as they do this to you. This is the worst thing of all- for any us to say that we feel mistreated by women is regarded not as a viable statement worth consideration, but simply dismissed as WHINING. Women however- they are allowed to loudly 'whine' about anything, no matter how slight. The female model of revolt is one of standing-up to us and taking 'their share of power' from us; they can frame any complaint as a legitimate strike against us. Any desire she can dream-up during breakfast suddenly becomes a 'right', and she is free to demand it by afternoon. If anything ever stands in her way (including her own failures), she is free to yell 'discrimination' and ask for compensation. Guys, however- we're all taught that we're the big enemy and we should spend our lives saying we're sorry. We've got no legitimate complaints at all, according to women. Anything we say to defend ourselves is automatically invalidated simply because we're male.

Guys, you have the right to be equal to women. If you think you're getting shafted, you're not a whiner. You're not sexist. You're not a misogynist. It's because you are getting shafted. But you've spent your entire lives being lied to and brainwashed into thinking that you're not! You've been brainwashed into thinking that you've somehow got to change the world to meet women's demands on you because you're what's screwed the planet-up in the first place!

Equality forces us to think about how men act superior to women. It's high time that women start thinking about the thousand or so ways in which they continue to act superior to men.

Yeah, sexist men can be pretty awful. But don't look now, ladies- you totally are what you hate!!!


You can get a INCREDIBLY GOOD pdf-book from this site: If Men Have All the Power, Why Do Women Make All the Rules? Certain clever metaphors helped to influence some parts of this rant, it's more eloquent and researched than I... Read it. Distribute it. Do whatever you can to get the word-out. Men get shafted by women big time.


"We tend to become like the worst in those we oppose." -- Bene Gesserit Coda, Dune.

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