Guys Suck Too

(and women reflect their suckiness...)

Guys Suck. I'm a guy, and I know it. Sometimes I'm ashamed to be a guy. There are umpteen TRILLION pieces of literature out there about how Guys Suck. We see it in the media. We see it on greeting cards. In commercials, in self-help books, in everyday life. We see it everywhere we turn- Guys are Pigs. Guys are Jerks. Guys Suck. Guys are Assholes. Yes, I know it, and sometimes a lot of men really make me ashamed. So, I don't really need to go on and on about how Guys Suck, since we're always bombarded by that message every day. Ask any woman why Guys Suck and she can talk about it for DAYS.

Yeah, Guys Suck- we know, we KNOW. Enough, already!

Why is it that the 'Guys Suck' mantra is so damn prevalent in society? Simple- it's how women can rationalize the unfair privileges they hold over us. But the thing is- I didn't realize that until recently. I used to think that guys really did suck, and I wanted to improve myself to not suck.

That Being Said...

A long time ago, I started LISTENING to women. Finding-out what they wanted in a man. They always said they HATED the real pig-asshole guys... the ones who drink, cheat, lie, abuse. Those kinds of guys disgust me. They are lower than dirt. So, I said to myself "Aha! I have to be a NiceGuy! That will attract women! I'll treat women respectfully, and kindly and try to always make them feel like the most special woman in the world. When I date a woman, I will NEVER cheat. I'll value her feelings and just be SO good to her! Yeah, that's my plan!" I'm a Guy, and I don't WANT to Suck!

Good GOD, how dumb I was! I was a Grade-A moron for EVER thinking that!

I'll give you an example: my cousin. He looks like a thug. The way he dresses, the way he talks, the way he walks... people just look at him and think "thug". When they hear him speak, people correct themselves- "No- illiterate thug". (He barely got through high school, and dropped-out of Community College). I'm SCARED to know about the stuff he does but doesn't talk about! Now, I'll go easy on the guy. He comes from a broken home, his dad isn't the greatest role-model in the world and his mom is more than a little nutty... but anyways...

Now, he treats me decently, because I've never crossed him. We've gone-out to clubs with his posse, and we buy each other drinks, that kind of thing. Now, I'm not going to make character judgments, but... he doesn't treat women very well. In fact, he treats them like garbage. I'm really ashamed, because he gives Guys a bad name. He doesn't abuse women or anything, he just doesn't respect them. My aunt once said to me: "My boy... I love him *sigh* but he just doesn't treat women like they matter."

Here's a little story about my cousin: In high school, one month, he was dating three women simultaneously... None of them knew of the other two. That kind of situation is just unsustainable- eventually, the women that he was sleeping with (this is when he was barely 17, mind you! I didn't lose my virginity until the end of my second year of college!! How EVIL do I have to be in order to get a woman to find me attractive?!) all of them found-out that he was, indeed, sleeping with all 3 of them. They were all under the impression that they were the 'only' ones in his life and were, rightfully, PISSED at him. So, they all came to his front door to confront him over it. He managed to duck-out the back door. To make a long story short, today, he thinks of the whole incident as a big ol' joke. Banging three women at once?! Oh, what a stud he is! What a conquest! Very macho, indeed.

Ugh. See what I mean? He doesn't respect women. He sees them as toys for his own gratification. He calls his girlfriend(s) his 'bitch(es)'. He has no education, a crappy job, and I can go on and on. Basically put, I wish he'd be nicer to women.

But, what happens when I go out to a club with my cousin? You can bet your life that by the end of the evening, he will be PRYING writhing, groping women off of his body. He gets his pick of ladies. I go home alone. To a night of solitary masturbation. That only reinforces my original point.

Guys Suck, but if Women are going to be actively attracted to a guy giving-off SO many outwardly negative vibes... well, then what can I say? Women SEE the red sign, yet they find it just sooooo fucking thrilling to go around a dangerous curve at 99 mph. That's just STUPID, man.

Hell, they deserve each other.


"Forgive, O Lord, my little jokes on Thee, and I'll forgive Thy great big one on me." - Robert Frost

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