March 1, 2009

This article is the first update to NiceGuy's site in over two years. A number of long-term members have worked hard to bring this site back to life. NiceGuy's is one of the oldest men's sites on the net and we simply couldn't bear having it fall into disuse. It's true that in 2009 there are a lot more sites talking about western women and the problems associated with them, but NiceGuy's style of writing and honest struggle with the realities of dating and marrying western women make the site a great place for men breaking out of a lifetime of conditioning. He could be telling the life story of many of the visitors to this site.

Not only was the revamp planned for quite some time, but those of us working on it realised that one of the reasons people keep coming back to websites is because they get to read new content. So, we needed a new source of interesting topics and articles so that readers would keep coming back, join the forums and increase participation here. It was agreed that some of us would volunteer to write new articles under our assumed handles on a semi-regular basis. We hope that this will encourage people to come, stay, and benefit from the wisdom here.

So, here's to the new site, here's to our members, and we hope you enjoy the fruits of this last six months worth of labour.

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