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This site's founder, NiceGuy, has moved on. Well, mostly. He may check in occasionally, but for the most part, he has moved on to a new, happier phase of his life. I wouldn't make any wagers about him personally coming back to update the site. Though most of his original articles have now been removed (at his request), we've retained some of the most important ones for posterity.

NiceGuy imbued this site with his wisdom. Oh, yes. I think NiceGuy is wise. Not because he had all the answers, but because he asked questions. Like Socrates, NiceGuy asked questions that shook up the staus quo. He was a gadfly for feminism. Thanks to the internet, NiceGuy's questions did not go unheard, and allowed him to come into contact with other men who were asking the same questions.

Then there is the forum. NiceGuy's Forum is, perhaps, his greatest legacy. At over 600,000 posts, there's a lot of information there. Check it out, read a while, and once you're ready to join the conversation, introduce yourself and tell us your story.

So what happened to NiceGuy, you ask? It's the best story in the world. He met a nice woman from Japan, married her, and lived happily ever after.

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A Sacred Vow - 9 May, 2002
The Female Privilege Checklist - 29 January, 2005

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