Book Review: Wedlocked

Written by Dr. Alexander G Valley, and described as a compendium of tales regaling "mayhem and disaster," Wedlocked is a book intended to be Top Secret reading material for the eyes of the "matrimonially afflicted male." The author has some obvious writing skills and understands the need for entertaining prose and occasional humor in making something which is both readable and purposeful. Dr. Valley (his pseudonym, obviously) embraces the notion that a bit of laughter and commiseration are therapeutic. His observations will sound familiar to anyone who has ever experienced the insanity of an abusive narcissistic female, been twisted into a pretzel by ever-changing whims, held her contemptuous in-laws at bay or stepped into the shoes of Captain Save-A-Ho for five minutes.

The author admits faults for his mistakes but he takes ownership of them and turns them into learning experiences; such are the benefits of hindsight. Sadly, he needed to flirt with a debilitating medical condition before reluctantly coming to the realization that all was not well in his marriage. Finding the resolve to leave a lousy relationship is definitely a strength to be cultivated.

Naturally, the book has its problems. There are a few spots in which the author purports to know what "we" think or how "we" feel. Those parts had me shaking my head and saying: “speak for yourself, bud.” Organizationally, a more conventional narrative structure would certainly have helped the books’ readability but its gems outweigh its weaknesses. Chapter 9 was both memorably appalling and laugh-out-loud funny.

The wisest observations illustrate how bending-over backwards for your partner is a sure-fire way to get used-up and become miserable. Having boundaries and standing firm upon them is a virtue while; self-defined well-being is more important than any so-called “relationship” could ever possibly be. Though your partner may claim your every worldly possession as her own, there are some things she can never claim: “your freewill, your independence, your ability to think for yourself, and especially your memories.” Well said, doctor.

If you have a bit of spare afternoons and if you’d like to benefit from the life experience of a wizened, wisecracking and hard-drinking uncle, then Wedlocked stand-outs as a worthwhile addition to the genre. At the very least, it’ll provide some chuckles combined with some weary nods of "yeah, I know what you mean."

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