Major Site Update

Written By Solaris

A lot of people have contacted me over the last few days to ask why they can't access the forum. The answer is simple; we're doing a major overhaul of the forum! We aren't under attack, the CIA hasn't assassinated the moderators and closed it, and we haven't simply turned out the lights and gone home.

The forum software requires regular maintenance, and it has gone far too long without an update. Sadly, our host has made this impossible for various reasons, so we are going to be moving hosts as well. Our new hosting arrangements should be sorted out fairly soon, but I'd ask everyone to sit tight for now and we'll be back online in no time.


"We all have personal piles of gravel to shovel, and many of us are still trying to pick up the pieces of our own lives and are too damned busy to march on the capitol." - DoctorBob

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